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About ELOA

Eloa is first and foremost a unique concept, responding to a real market demand: “From Farm to Bottle”. In other words, we control and manage the production of our drink from the plantation to the finished product with no outsourcing at any stage and a very strong focus on the farms. Today’s consumers want quality products and the best way we found to respond to that demand is that unique concept. We are leaders on our market and very proud to be the first Aloe Vera drink to be certified organic.

Part of our DNA is also sustainability. Eloa’s factory is 100% chemical free, with zero emission and zero waste. As a result, our impact on the environment is purely positive. We are also very involved in helping the province of Pathum Thani by hiring workers such as students or elderly women for who it is very difficult to find a local employment. By creating a tailored working program for these workers, we manage to create a lot of employment. Our goal is on the one hand to assure them a good quality of living and on the other hand to create a positive impact on local economy.

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